Meet the team

At Voluntary News, our team is dedicated to delivering credible, diverse, and impactful news stories. Get to know the passionate individuals driving our commitment to unbiased journalism:

Scott Duran – Editor in Chief
Scott leads Voluntary News with a wealth of experience in ethical reporting. His vision and dedication to journalistic integrity guide our team towards delivering credible and insightful news coverage.

Marco Herranz – Managing Editor
Marco orchestrates the flow of news, ensuring coherence and quality in every article. His leadership keeps our content informative and engaging.

Christi Byers – Senior Editor
With over a decade in journalism, Christi brings seasoned expertise to our editorial team. Her commitment to factual and balanced reporting shapes the quality of our news content.

Hisham Rosdi – Junior Editor
Hisham is passionate about shedding light on impactful stories, particularly community initiatives and social causes. His dedication to meaningful storytelling resonates in his contributions.

Erica Murray – Junior Editor
Erica’s fresh perspectives and attention to detail enrich our coverage. Her commitment to uncovering untold stories adds depth to our content.

Feel free to reach out to our team members with inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or simply to connect. We are united in our mission to bring you the most compelling and unbiased news from across the UK.