Author: Marco Herranz

Marco Herranz

Marco Herranz, our Managing Editor, orchestrates the seamless flow of news and information at Voluntary News. With a keen eye for quality and coherence, Marco ensures that our content remains informative and cohesive. His leadership and editorial finesse drive the team towards excellence.

Amid mounting anticipation, Nigel Farage, the erstwhile leader of the Brexit Party—now Reform UK—has triggered fervent speculation about a potential return to the political forefront. Set to unveil a significant announcement on January 3, Reform UK’s move has ignited rumors surrounding Farage’s potential re-entry into the political sphere. With Richard Tice, the current leader of Reform UK, evading confirmation on whether the impending announcement pertains to Farage’s return, speculation has only intensified. When probed about the nature of the announcement, Tice enigmatically responded, “Patience is a virtue,” leaving the public to conjecture. Fueling the conjecture further was Farage’s recent role…

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