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Are you passionate about storytelling and eager to share your expertise? Voluntary News welcomes talented writers to contribute and be part of our commitment to delivering diverse and insightful content to our readers.

Submission Guidelines

We seek well-crafted articles that align with our mission. Here are our submission criteria:

  • Length: Articles should be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Uniqueness: All submissions must be original and exclusive to Voluntary News.
  • Relevance: Contributions should align with our existing categories and focus areas.
  • Editorial Review: While we embrace diverse perspectives, our editorial team ensures the quality of submissions meets our standards for publication.

Artwork Submission Guidelines

Enhance your submission with visuals like images, charts, or graphics. Preferred formats include JPEG or GIF files with dimensions around 450×300 pixels and file sizes not exceeding 100kb.

Submission Process

Send your articles to our editorial team at editor@voluntarynews.org.uk for review. We’ll promptly review your submissions and guide you through the publication process.

Topics We Explore

While we cover a wide range of topics, including community initiatives, social causes, healthcare, education, and more, we welcome fresh and engaging topics that resonate with our audience.

Crafting Compelling Titles

Need inspiration for your piece? Consider these title structures that capture attention:

  • “Empowering Communities: 5 Transformative Initiatives to Embrace”
  • “Navigating Change: Insights for Volunteering in a Fast-Changing World”
  • “Resilience and Impact: 10 Lessons from Grassroots Activism”

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