Author: Hisham Rosdi

Hisham Rosdi

Hisham Rosdi, a Junior Editor at Voluntary News, is passionate about shedding light on impactful stories. His commitment to highlighting community initiatives and social causes amplifies our platform's dedication to meaningful storytelling. Hisham's dedication to advocacy and engagement resonates in his editorial contributions.

A fascinating glimpse into the clutter conundrum of Brits’ households has emerged, revealing that a staggering 30% of possessions in an average UK home lay dormant and unused. This revelation comes to light following a comprehensive study involving 2,000 adults, unearthing a treasure trove of overlooked and forsaken items. The survey uncovered a surprising statistic: a substantial 21% of belongings possessed by individuals could hold value for others, ripe for decluttering. Among these treasures awaiting rediscovery were articles ranging from clothing and books to the beloved board games and puzzles. Remarkably, an additional 21% of respondents confessed to hoarding old…

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