Trends with social economy and pervasive digitisation

A Philantopic discussion article ‘Social Sector Still Lags Far Behind the Future of Big Data’ leads with an extract from an annual forecast from American social economy scholar Lucy Bernholz:

From now on, we’ll be looking at the structures of the social economy in the context of pervasive digitization. This is not about gadgets; it’s about complicated (and fundamental) ideas like free association, expression, and privacy in the world of digital data and infrastructure.

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Redesigning and resourcing local sector support

The Commission on the Future of Local Infrastructure, set up by sector body NAVCA, has published its final report. This makes 19 recommendations for local sector support (infrastructure) bodies as well as funders, local government and local commissioning bodies and the business community. The overarching recommendation is that “local infrastructure needs to be redesigned and creatively resourced to meet the challenges of tomorrow”.

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