Motivation and barriers in volunteering

The Do-it Trust, the people behind the online volunteering database, has published the results of its survey run for Volunteers’ Week 2015.

Two thirds of the over 4,000 (online) respondents volunteered so as to ‘give back’ to the community. A lack of time was the top reason for what stopped them volunteering, but the lack of a response from the target organisation was also quoted by a fifth of people.

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More charities in trouble over data protection

The most recent figures from the Information Commissioner’s Office shows that charities suffered 53 data breaches in the six months to March this year. This is more than double the amount in the same period the previous year, and charities now rank fourth in the category of organisations most likely to fail to properly protect personal data.

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Guidance on antenatal leave, holiday pay and pay basics

Workplace experts Acas has produced a number of useful items recently. Topics covered: time off for antenatal appointments, basic law on staff pay, calculating holiday pay.

There is a new guide on employee rights around taking time off for antenatal and adoption appointments. The guide includes some top tips that employers and all prospective parents should be aware when considering leave requests.

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