Plea to reinstate old Charity Commission website

A petition to reinstate the free-standing Charity Commission website has been started on 38Degrees by the legal firm Withers.

The preamble says

 (the Commission website) is no longer bespoke, and, as a consequence, much of the very helpful guidance and information which used to be there is no longer readily available, which is to the detriment of those for whom it would have been useful.

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Simplifying community radio service commitments

Media regulator Ofcom is consulting on its approach to community radio ‘Key Commitments’, where each station is required to provide the service described in its licence.

Ofcom is proposing to adopt a new simplified approach to Key Commitments, requiring only those elements that are specific to the character of service of an individual community radio service to be set out in detail in the licence.

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Making lobbying emails stand out

A new article on nfpSynergy’s website looks at ‘What Makes a Good Parliamentary Campaign Email?‘.

The introduction says: “Parliamentary campaign emails allow charities to harness the power of constituents to gain valuable support from MPs, but crowded inboxes make it difficult to make an impression. Former parliamentary assistant Jonathan Harper explores what charities can do to make their emails stand out.”

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