Overseas operation details on charity register

Solicitors Bates Well Braithwaite has had assurances from the Charity Commission that the latter will be providing guidance on resolving security concerns about charities providing details about which countries they operate in, and related expenditure. Since January 2013 these have been mandatory questions in the Annual Return, and would otherwise appear on the revamped online charity register, which could be live soon.

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Tax library moving to Gov.UK

HM Revenue and Customs has started work on moving its online Library to GOV.UK. This is mainly material aimed at tax agents, but some will be of wider interest (and no doubt other parts of HMRC will follow later).

At 17th July, copies of VAT Notices, VAT Info Sheets and VAT Notes were ready to be moved over in the next few days.

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Social Investment Tax Relief full guidance

HM Revenue and Customs has now published its Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) guidance pages, at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/sitr/index.htm (We previously mentioned the draft guidance, back in April.)

From 18th July announcement: SITR gives tax relief to individuals who provide finance for social enterprises. It’s available for investments made on or after 6th April 2014. The investment, and the organisation receiving it, must meet certain criteria.

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