‘Under the radar’ groups provide vital services

New research from the Community Development Foundation shows the vital contribution small community groups are making nationally to society and how funders can best support them.

The Guardian’s Society pages has a piece and the CDF news release is here. Or go direct to the microsite research page for ‘Tailor-made: How community groups improve people’s lives’ http://tailor-made.cdf.org.uk/about-the-research/ – the full report pdf is 2.5MB, also available in sections.

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The value of sports volunteering

Research has been published by Join In on the hidden value of sport volunteers, “going beyond cost to measure the true value they create through participation, wellbeing, trust and community”.

‘Hidden diamonds: Uncovering the true value of sport volunteers’ is available via http://www.joininuk.org/hidden-diamonds-true-value-of-sport-volunteers/ in issuu.com (Flash) format.

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Measuring and reporting impact – tools and questions

From New Philanthropy Capital’s discussion pages, ‘Basic questions an impact report should answer’ is a short piece at http://www.thinknpc.org/blog/basic-questions-an-impact-report-should-answer/.

And Non-profit Technology Network has an article from Kopernik, describing the “impact tracker technologies” catalogue they have created.

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Additional powers and funding for the Charity Commission

The government has announced new funding over 3 years for the Charity Commission (England and Wales) to tackle abuse, including extremist activity, in the charity sector. This is to help re-focus its regulatory activity on “proactive monitoring and enforcement in the highest risk areas like abuse of charities for terrorist and other criminal purposes, such as tax avoidance and fraud”. Government news item.

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