dot ngo addresses available to register

The new .ngo and .ong domain names for charities and non-governmental organisations started their ‘sunrise’ period on 17th March. This is a 30 day window in which brand owners that have registered their trademark(s) in the Trademark Clearinghouse have early access to their related domain name.

Limited registration then opens on 21st April, for organisations that have already submitted an Expression of Interest. General availability starts on 6th May. » Continue reading news item ... “dot ngo addresses available to register”

Welsh government gets Welsh domain names

The Welsh Government has switched its main website over to the .wales and .cymru domains. becomes, and is

Changes to other Welsh Government sites will follow, and the domains are also being developed so that local authorities can adopt the format “councilname” and “councilname”

Welsh Government news item

Note: if this sounds familiar, we recently reported on a similar move by the Scottish Government.

Scottish Government gets dot scot web address

The Scottish Government is now using as its primary web address. It is switching over from, which will however continue to take users to the site, and other established links will operate as normal.

The new .scot top level domain is operated by the not for profit Dot Scot Registry, based in Glasgow and set up with the backing of the Scottish Government. » Continue reading news item ... “Scottish Government gets dot scot web address”