Voluntary sector research round-up

A round-up of recent published research undertaken about or for the voluntary sector – on ageing, rural ethnic communities, community hospital support, costs of the living wage, refugee destitution, charity data and offenders. From Third Sector Research Centre, Voluntary Sector Studies Network, NPC.

During August, the article ‘Ageing, place and voluntarism: towards a geographical perspective on third sector organisations and volunteers in ageing communities’ from July 2014’s issue of Voluntary Sector Review is available for download, at no cost. » Continue reading news item ... “Voluntary sector research round-up”

Building a stronger sector data resource

Funding from the Economic and Social Research Council will enable NCVO and the Third Sector Research Centre to collect data from a sample of 10,000 charities in England and Wales. Building on research already carried out for the annual UK Civil Society Almanac, they will then create a data resource that will improve the evidence base for the voluntary sector, particularly in relation to its finances and resources over the past decade. » Continue reading news item ... “Building a stronger sector data resource”

Use of social media in community action

The Third Sector Research Centre is undertaking research into how and whether community groups use social media to organise community action. To get debate going, TSRC has produced a background and “provocation” paper ‘Community Action and Social Media’ (pdf, 506KB).

Views, ideas and comments on the use of social media in local/below-the-radar community groups are invited. Get the paper and contact details at http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/generic/tsrc/news/2015/02/community-action-and-social-media-research-position-statement.aspx. » Continue reading news item ... “Use of social media in community action”

Debating community led research with a Roma case study

The latest Discussion Paper from the Third Sector Research Centre is ‘Co-producing knowledge with below the radar communities: Factionalism, Commodification or Partnership? A Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Case Study’. The paper explores the debates around community led research, identifies challenges in the co-production of research knowledge and how more inclusive models of research might be developed in future.

While it draws on a Roma specific case study, the report is intended as a basis for further and wider debate. » Continue reading news item ... “Debating community led research with a Roma case study”

Cultural value of voluntary arts

An expert panel report on the cultural value of the voluntary arts has been published by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It is based on presentations at an event, a joint initiative, funded by the AHRC, between the Third Sector Research Centre, the Universities of Exeter and South Wales and Voluntary Arts.

Get ‘Understanding Cultural Value: The Amateur and Voluntary Arts’ (pdf, 705KB) via TSRC web page http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/generic/tsrc/news/2015/01/cultural-value.aspx » Continue reading news item ... “Cultural value of voluntary arts”

Social networks as part of community wellbeing

A new research working paper examines the assumptions behind interest in social networks as contributing to individual and community wellbeing and local quality of life.

Published by Third Sector Research Centre, ‘Luck, passion, networks and skills: the recipe for action below the radar?’ is in pdf, 635KB from http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/generic/tsrc/documents/tsrc/working-papers/working-paper-129.pdf

From the paper’s abstract: Drawing on the theoretical literature and a series of primary research interviews with members of small ‘below the radar’ community groups, it questions the nature of social networks within community activity. » Continue reading news item ... “Social networks as part of community wellbeing”