Top charity news from December

The charity news coverage, and sector reaction, kept on coming during the last days before Christmas. Here are the items we think most relevant.

Errors in ‘True and Fair’ research

The misleading “research” from the True and Fair Foundation was covered here before. Well-known senior charity accountant Pesh Framjee has published a 17-page report identifying errors in the analysis of charitable expenditure, and also called for an end to the use of cost ratios as a measure of effectiveness. » Continue reading news item ... “Top charity news from December”

Charity transparency in the news

The transparency of funding sources for the largest UK charities has come under fire from a new report by the Centre for Policy Studies think tank, generating quite a lot of press coverage.

Civil Society News looks at the main issues and has some sector response at

NCVO’s Director of Public Policy gives a digest too, argues that sector transparency is already improving, and it is often the smaller charities which most need to improve their reporting. » Continue reading news item ... “Charity transparency in the news”

Promoting meaningful sector transparency

ActionAid has crowd-sourced a report on transparency “to improve policy and practice in the not-for-profit sector by bringing in comparative perspectives and highlighting examples of good practice, (working) with others to promote transparency that is meaningful and proportionate”. Collaborators include Amnesty International, BBC, Big Lottery Fund, Bond.

Transparency Report (pdf, 1.2MB) via, or read the article ‘Transparency – why bother?‘.

Going behind the headlines on sector trust

People’s trust in charities was the focus of three recently released surveys.

Out first was one from consultancy nfpSynergy, showing a “significant drop in trust levels over the past year”, down ten percentage points. Their press release is at

This was followed a few days later by the Charity Commission (England and Wales), stating “Trust in charities remains high . . but findings also indicate challenges to come”. » Continue reading news item ... “Going behind the headlines on sector trust”

Follow up on Panorama’s ‘All in a good cause’

The BBC Panorama programme on charity investments, corporate sponsorship and management waste is still available to view at

NCVO gives ‘Reflections on Panorama and charities’ at, and Charity Finance Group has ‘Panorama – moral dilemmas for the charity sector‘.