Ideas on social prescribing, including volunteering

NCVO’s public services senior officer Lev Pedro has written about ‘Social prescribing: A new way of working or today’s hot topic?‘, following the inaugural conference of the national Social Prescribing Network.

He looks at some of the barriers, critical success factors, as well as “some age-old problems”. There’s also some useful links, including ‘What is social prescribing?’ (pdf, 601KB – note that this is a research article not a quick overview!). » Continue reading news item ... “Ideas on social prescribing, including volunteering”

Social policy evidence and databases

The Alliance for Useful Evidence, which is probably due a mention in our resource section anyway, has a new article ‘A brief guide to UK social policy databases‘. The intro says:

Finding your evidence by Wikipedia or Googling can be a dangerous business. Better to use tried-and-tested databases.

The article reviews the main UK social policy databases, covering academic papers and ‘grey literature’ of think-tank, charity and government reports. » Continue reading news item ... “Social policy evidence and databases”