Sharing economy for social good

Innovation charity Nesta is promoting, and supporting, the idea that the sharing economy can be used for good causes, not just as a way of renting out rooms.

A recent news item leads with the statement that the “younger generation (is) adopting ‘sharing economy’ platforms for social benefit, not just profit”:

  • Nearly a third of 16-34 year olds have used a collaborative economy platform for ‘a good cause’ in the past 12 months
  • Yet some 45 million British adults are not aware of how ‘sharing economy’ technologies can help them access social support services, or support community causes
  • But nearly a quarter (22%) of those would be interested in using one in in the future.
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Productive mindsets for social innovation

According to an article on Stanford Social Innovation Review, the current innovation craze focuses on the material side of innovation, such as investing in the latest technology platforms, while underestimating the power of the other side of things: staff mindsets.

It goes on to say that social sector leaders can encourage innovation by fostering three productive mindsets: Joyful Collaboration, Respectful Debate, The Monday Morning Mindsets Behind GivingTuesday. » Continue reading news item ... “Productive mindsets for social innovation”

New awards to address social problems

A new awards programme set up in memory of prominent sector lawyer Stephen Lloyd wants to find and nurture innovative ideas and projects that can lead to practical, sustainable social change. The awards committee is particularly interested in supporting ideas that address social problems at a systemic level.

The Stephen Lloyd Awards will bring together of experts that can deliver practical  support to shortlisted candidates as well as award winners. » Continue reading news item ... “New awards to address social problems”

Growth in European digital social innovation

The findings have been published from an 18 month research project into ‘Digital Social Innovation’, funded by the European Commission. Led by Nesta, it studied the growing movement across Europe of tech entrepreneurs and innovators in civil society who are developing inspiring digital solutions to social challenges.

The project seeks to define and understand the potential of DSI, to map the digital social innovators, their projects and networks, and to develop recommendations
for how policymakers, from the EU to city level, can make the most of DSI. » Continue reading news item ... “Growth in European digital social innovation”

Putting social innovation to work in Scotland

The Melting Pot, Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation, has produced a report based on its National Conversation on the Future of Social Innovation in Scotland series of events held during 2014.

Some background in an article in Senscot’s bulletin, at, or get ‘How Can We Put Social Innovation to Work for the People of Scotland? A Collaborative Approach’ (pdf, 1.9MB) via

Practical considerations of scaling

From New Philanthropy Capital, ‘Growing pains: getting past the complexities of scaling social impact’ suggests ways of assessing the viability of scaling innovative charity services in different contexts,

Also see the NPC article ‘Moving past the complexities of scale’ at