Impact practice – user voice, small charities, media coverage

New from think-tank New Philanthropy Capital is ‘User voice: Putting people at the heart of impact practice‘. The report explains how charities can best harness the views and needs of their beneficiaries in order to improve their impact. It gives a step-by-step guide, and highlights organisations already adopting various ways of involving and empowering their beneficiaries.

Recognising small charity impact

Recognising the valuable contribution small charities make‘ is a blog from the chief executive of the Lloyds Bank Foundation. » Continue reading news item ... “Impact practice – user voice, small charities, media coverage”

Tools to develop service user involvement

A new guide from Clinks gives practical tools for organisations working with people in prison, on probation or in other areas of the Criminal Justice System, to develop an involvement programme and approach which places service users at the organisation’s heart.

Involving service users is key to the difference we can make in the lives of offenders – improving the quality and impact of the services on offer; contributing to wider outcomes, including reducing re-offending; and enabling individual service users to build a new identity which supports their journey to desistance from crime.

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Not just the usual suspects in user involvement

From Shaping Our Lives, the network of service users and disabled people, ‘Beyond the Usual Suspects’ looks at ways of expanding on the idea of “Involving service users” to make it possible for everyone who wants to, to be more involved in and have more say over their lives and the services they use to live them.

Research, findings and practical guide all available in pdf or Word formats from » Continue reading news item ... “Not just the usual suspects in user involvement”