New sector stats for Wales and Northern Ireland

Sizing up the sector in N Ireland

Northern Ireland’s umbrella body NICVA has launched its latest State of the Sector research in a new online format. This provides information on the “size, scope and finances of the Northern Ireland Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector”.

NICVA news article for more on what is new and key findings, or go direct to State of the Sector site. » Continue reading news item ... “New sector stats for Wales and Northern Ireland”

Little change in volunteering rates in England

The latest results from the government’s Community Life Survey update the most reliable data available on rates of volunteering in England. It showed no significant change over the previous year, with 41% of people reporting volunteering formally (through a group, club, or organisation) at least once a year. Over a quarter did so at least once a month.

For more information see this article from NCVO’s head of research. » Continue reading news item ... “Little change in volunteering rates in England”

Use and views of charity in the street

A new report from Charities Aid Foundation looks at the levels of charity use across the UK, and also public trust in and awareness of the sector.

CAF’s news release on ‘Charity Street II: A report into how we use charities in the UK’ leads with

People living in the UK’s most deprived areas use fewer charities than those living in the most advantaged areas, but they are the more likely to view them as essential or very important to their lives.

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Wales as a volunteering nation

Welsh sector body WCVA has published its latest research into volunteering in Wales, and finds that over two thirds of adults give their time to help others.

Based on two omnibus household surveys of adults in Wales carried out in March 2014 and March 2015 by Beaufort Research for WCVA, the results show big differences between the counties of Wales. Interestingly, Welsh speakers were significantly more likely to volunteer than non-Welsh speakers – 44.6% compared to 34.1%. » Continue reading news item ... “Wales as a volunteering nation”

Sector networks, animated facts, social media

Some research items on voluntary sector networks, social media use and animated sector stats.

Learning from regional network G:Up

New from Third Sector Research Centre is ‘The Story of G:Up; a regional third sector network’. The working paper provides a critical reflection on the story of G:Up, a regional infrastructure network which aimed to support voluntary organisations working with children and young people in the West Midlands, which was funded from 2003 to 2012. » Continue reading news item ... “Sector networks, animated facts, social media”

Data portal on Irish charities in beta

A preview of a new online service about Irish Civil Society has been launched. Aiming to make Irish nonprofits more accessible and more transparent to the public, Benefacts repurposes data that is already in the public domain to create a giant database.

VoluntaryNews’ favourite Irish sector expert at Whitebarn Consulting gives her take on the process and progress, and whether it is a positive development, in ‘Benefacts: beneficial‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Data portal on Irish charities in beta”