Short time to give sector views on further devolution

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations has agreed to provide the Smith Commission, which is looking into devolving more powers to the Scottish Parliament, with initial views from across the third sector about what could make a real difference to the lives of people and communities.

Lord Smith of Kelvin is collating findings from across Scottish public life to form the basis of proposed legislation in January. » Continue reading news item ... “Short time to give sector views on further devolution”

After the independence referendum

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, the Scottish TUC and National Union of Students Scotland have issued a joint statement calling for a citizen-led process on Scotland’s future, following the renewed civic engagement around the referendum. SCVO news item.

Welsh umbrella body WCVA also reflects on what the fall-out from the Scottish no vote might mean for the sector,, and England’s NCVO made a statement highlighting that wider devolution is likely to lead to charities working with more and more different and new structures.

Uncertainty for Scottish charities after referendum

Sector consultancy NfpSynergy has researched what MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) and the general public think the impact of a Yes vote in the referendum would have on Scottish charities.

The report is based on surveys of 50 MSPs conducted at the end of last year and 1,000 adults in Scotland in May 2014, and shows a lack of understanding of the impact on independence on the charity sector. » Continue reading news item ... “Uncertainty for Scottish charities after referendum”