Police can disclose criminal investigations before conviction

From CIPD’s People Management magazine:

The police will be allowed to use their professional judgement to make safeguarding disclosures about individuals prior to conviction, where they believe there is a public protection risk (a “pressing social need”) because of an individual’s employment or voluntary role.

The ‘Common law police disclosure‘ guidance, issued by the Home Office in August, replaces the previous ‘notifiable occupations scheme’. » Continue reading news item ... “Police can disclose criminal investigations before conviction”

Benefits and safeguarding – volunteering updates

Sandy Adirondack has done one of her valuable Legal Updates on a range of volunteering topics, which on the web starts at http://www.sandy-a.co.uk/employment.htm#vol-resources.

Several items have already been covered by VoluntaryNews, but some we haven’t, such as:

Volunteers and state benefits: resources The government doesn’t appear to have replaced an archived guide on this topic, so this fills in some details. The next item goes on to look at Universal Credit rules on volunteering. » Continue reading news item ... “Benefits and safeguarding – volunteering updates”

Child protection in the arts

Co-written by Creative Scotland and Children in Scotland, ‘Creating Safety’ provides updated guidance on child protection for individuals and organisations involved in delivering artistic, cultural and creative projects for children and young people in Scotland.

Voluntary Arts news item http://www.voluntaryarts.org/2014/12/03/free-guide-to-child-protection-in-the-arts/ or download (pdf, 1.1MB) via this page.