Take early action on financial difficulties, says Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has published a set of reports as part of a wider programme to explore the financial resilience of the sector and highlight wider lessons for charities. The report launch forms the start of a campaign to communicate the wider lessons for charities.

The news release highlights the finding that trustees who take early, pragmatic steps to actively identify and manage their financial difficulties will secure better outcomes for their charities and their beneficiaries. » Continue reading news item ... “Take early action on financial difficulties, says Charity Commission”

Managing the risk of charity fraud

A new guide to help charities proactively counter fraud has been launched by Charity Finance Group and PKF Littlejohn. It is designed to help finance professionals and trustees to identify areas for improvement when building their resilience to fraud, and moving towards actively managing the risk of fraud.

As reported by Civil Society News, this follows the Annual Fraud Indicator released in May which shows that the cost of fraud to the charity sector has increased by 73 per cent from £1.1bn in 2013 to £1.9bn. » Continue reading news item ... “Managing the risk of charity fraud”

Tools for managing risk in charities

Charity audit and consulting firm Sayer Vincent has written a new guide for Charity Finance Group ‘Rethinking Risk – Beyond the tick box’. This takes existing management tools, actions and reports to help the board to see how and where risk is already being managed.

More about the publication in this news release on VoluntaryNews website, or go direct to  Sayer Vincent’s publications page for the download link – it’s a 64 page pdf, 777KB.

A risk perspective on people in charities

New in the series of risk management guides from Zurich Insurance (available on The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network), is ‘People power – Why trustees, staff, volunteers and donors matter’. It aims to show how getting “the people piece” right can empower organisations, help to mitigate risks, maximise productivity and boost donations.

Quite short, at 16pages, to cover such an important topic, but that makes it quite readable too. » Continue reading news item ... “A risk perspective on people in charities”

Get to grips with charity risk management

A guide to risk management for charities has been put together by the Charities Special Interest Group of the Institute of Risk Management.

The Charities SIG wants to make it easier for charities to understand, and implement, the basics of risk management, whatever their resources. The guide is clearly written without jargon, and aims to help voluntary organisations identify their priority risks and work out how to treat them. » Continue reading news item ... “Get to grips with charity risk management”

Reporting serious incidents to the charity regulator

Charities are being reminded of the need to report serious incidents (RSIs) to the Charity Commission, the charity regulator in England and Wales. It believes under-reporting is “preventing the Commission from assessing the true scale and nature of risks facing charities and putting some charities and their work at risk where the trustees need assistance to handle them”.

The Commission defines an incident as serious if it risks or results in significant loss of a charity’s money or assets, damage to a charity’s property or harm to a charity’s work, beneficiaries or reputation. » Continue reading news item ... “Reporting serious incidents to the charity regulator”