Local charities suffer from poor commissioning

A new report from Lloyds Bank Foundation, ‘Commissioning in Crisis’, highlights

“some of the ludicrous processes used (in public sector commissioning) to bridge the gap left by too little money. These approaches penalise small charities in particular, excluding them from bidding for, let alone winning, contracts, leaving many deprived of funding and on the brink of shutting up shop.”

Civil Society News coverage leads with: Current commissioning processes are a “major threat to the survival of smaller charities” and are failing at every level. » Continue reading news item ... “Local charities suffer from poor commissioning”

State of play with Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds

Sector thinktank NPC has two articles looking at where we are with Payments by Results and its “natural partner”, Social Impact Bonds.

Making sense of payment by results‘ starts with

While not as newsworthy as it was three or four years ago, PbR has steadily become a common commissioning model. In 2015, the National Audit Office identified 52 schemes containing an element of PbR in the UK, worth a total of £15bn of public money.

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NI Justice ministry proposes new sector commissioning and funding model

Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister has published proposals to modernise the system used to award funding to third sector organisations delivering justice outcomes.

The proposed changes place emphasis on greater transparency of funding, fair and equitable access to funding, securing bespoke services and best value, and development of better partnership arrangements.

The consultation runs until 23rd September. See NICVA article for more background and the consultation documents, or the Department of Justice consultation page.

Understanding pensions risk in public service contracts

A briefing has been published by Charity Finance Group setting out options for participation in the Local Government Pension Scheme, to give charities a better understanding of potential risks in taking on public service contracts.

Written by legal firm Charles Russell Speechlys, the briefing (pdf, 148KB) can be found via a CFG blog item which also gives some background to the LGPS.

Slow progress for sector in Transforming Rehabilitation programme

A “one year on” report has been published on the voluntary sector’s role in the Transforming Rehabilitation government programme of probation reforms.

An article from NCVO says that

“The reforms have taken far longer than expected to bed in and poor communication with the voluntary sector is damaging local relationships. Although it is still relatively early days, there are genuine concerns about the impact that these problems are having on the outcomes of those the programme is supporting.

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Welcome moves to transparency in public grants and contracts

Sector umbrella NCVO has welcomed new government commitments to use open contracting and to improve the data it publishes on grant making. The 2016-18 Open Government National Action Plan (NAP) was launched during the recent Anti-Corruption Summit.

NCVO’s article says:

We believe that this exciting transparency development could improve public services in a number of ways.  It will increase government accountability for its spending decisions by making it easier for citizens, voluntary sector organisations and parliament to monitor where funding goes.

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