Tackling poverty in neighbourhoods

Recently published by Joseph Rowntree Foundation with Sheffield Hallam University is ‘Community-led approaches to reducing poverty in neighbourhoods: A review of evidence and practice’

The findings, per the executive summary, unsurprisingly include:

There is no ‘silver bullet’ in terms of a single community-led approach that is best placed to tackle poverty. There are a wide range of community-led approaches and poverty-related outcomes vary across and within approaches in terms of scale, nature and timing.

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Low carbon neighbourhoods, heritage volunteers

A couple of short (and rather different) environmental items.

The ‘Low carbon neighbourhood planning guidebook‘, from the Centre for Sustainable Energy, has been updated.

“This popular publication (nearly 2,000 downloads in the past 6 months) explores what communities can do – through neighbourhood planning – to mitigate and adapt to climate change and tackle fuel poverty.”

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Enabling grass-roots charities to tackle poverty

The Centre for Social Justice has published ‘Social Solutions: Enabling grass-roots charities to tackle poverty’, which argues for a much greater role for the social sector in public services. The CSJ wants more sensitive commissioning and the removal of regulatory barriers which prevent smaller organisations taking part, plus using dormant insurance policies to support innovation.

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Canada rules ‘preventing poverty’ not charitable

The Canada Revenue Agency has ruled that preventing poverty is not a charitable aim, as it might benefit people who are not already poor. As reported by the Toronto Star in connection with Oxfam Canada, http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/07/24/tax_agency_says_preventing_poverty_not_allowed_as_goal_for_charity.html

The same newspaper (source via Charity Village) has also recently reported that Canada Revenue Agency, which was ordered in 2012 to audit political activities as a special project, now has also targeted charities focused on foreign aid, human rights, and even poverty. » Continue reading news item ... “Canada rules ‘preventing poverty’ not charitable”