Using audio to tell the charity story

The charity communications body CharityComms has a new article ‘The podcast comeback: three charities tapping into the trend‘.

The three organisations featured appear to be relatively large, and it would be interesting to hear about those with more limited resources making a good shout of it. A quick read and a longer listen may give some useful tips, though.

Further Note

Our CharityBlog quick round-up of sector podcasts is undoubtedly dated, but there may still be useful links here. » Continue reading news item ... “Using audio to tell the charity story”

Reflective charity board talk

The Charity Commission has produced a new series of audio podcasts to help charity trustees understand their duties under charity law,

One title is ‘Protecting your charity from harm from extremists’, while ‘The Big Board Talk – 15 questions trustees need to ask’ is spread over 2 episodes and gets an accompanying article from contributor Jane Tully from Charity Finance Group at » Continue reading news item ... “Reflective charity board talk”