History perspective on sector challenges

A Charity Aid Foundation’s blog item (Crisis and Response: What history tells us about the challenges facing UK charities) has pointed us in the direction of the fairly new ‘HistPhil’ – a blog on the History of Philanthropy (started June 2015).

HistPhil has been running a series on philanthropy and the state, and in particular a set of articles on governmental reform of charities within the UK, with titles:

Other pieces of interest include ‘When Philanthropy Engaged the Elderly Humanistically‘. » Continue reading news item ... “History perspective on sector challenges”

Mixed bag of charity reading

Some quick links to a variety of online reading of possible interest: creating a communications strategy, grassroots giving circles, green space management.

A charity content freelancer gives her take on ‘How to write a charity communications strategy‘.

openDemocracy has an article addressing the question ‘Could giving circles rebuild philanthropy from the bottom up?‘. Intro: Grassroots giving could provide a healthier way of funding social change, but it also has its limitations. » Continue reading news item ... “Mixed bag of charity reading”

Philanthropists could unlock true potential of the arts

A new report from New Philanthropy Capital “explores the important role philanthropists have to play in ensuring the future of the arts, and outlines some considerations for anyone seeking to support an arts charity”. It also argues that there is an opportunity for funders to consider how their loyalty to the arts can achieve broader social outcomes.

As reported by Civil Society News, the document also shows the struggle that small arts charities are facing to make their voices heard, in the face of cuts to government arts funding and a London-centric philanthropy focus. » Continue reading news item ... “Philanthropists could unlock true potential of the arts”

Growing philanthropy through innovation

A new publication from New Philanthropy Capital covers ’10 innovations in global philanthropy’ which are helping to grow philanthropy both in scale and by ensuring resources are used most effectively, http://www.thinknpc.org/publications/10-innovations/.

One of the authors gives a quick overview in ‘Cutting-edge philanthropy’ http://www.thinknpc.org/blog/cutting-edge-philanthropy/.