Improving mainstream media coverage

NCVO chair and well-known newsreader Martyn Lewis has an interesting article providing background to the recruitment for a new ‘media network coordinator’ role. This is part of plans to set up a network aimed at securing better coverage for voluntary organisations in the mainstream media.

Lewis gives an overview of some ways journalism and news consumption has changed since he put forward what became known as the “good news” argument, over 22 years ago. » Continue reading news item ... “Improving mainstream media coverage”

Improving media coverage of charities

The Understanding Charities working group has issued ‘A draft strategy for changing the way that the media cover charities’, and invites responses by 29th May.

As reported by Civil Society Media, the draft calls for more informed charity spokespeople and the creation of a “relationship management team” to promote charities in the media. The group is looking at the arts sector as a benchmark of what it hopes to achieve for the charity sector in terms of media coverage. » Continue reading news item ... “Improving media coverage of charities”