Keeping charity investments in line with charity mission

The Association of Charitable Foundations and Cazenove Charities has published a report which looks at “whether and how charity investors might reflect their organisation’s aims, values, or wider social goals into their investment practice”.

As reported by Civil Society News, research has found that the number of charities who manage investments in line with their mission has substantially increased in the last five years – up to 59 per cent from 23 per cent of those surveyed. » Continue reading news item ... “Keeping charity investments in line with charity mission”

Using charity investment for good

The Commission on Ethical and Responsible Investing for Charities and Social Enterprises, set up by charity chief executives body ACEVO following media criticism of charity investment practice, has produced its report. Civil Society News leads with “Charities with investment assets must involve their whole organisation in an active conversation about whether to invest ethically”,

‘Good with money: Why charity investment matters’, a guide on investing in line with a charity’s mission (embedded pdf, 964KB), and summary proposals are at » Continue reading news item ... “Using charity investment for good”

Working group to advise sector on responsible investment

The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) has set up a Commission to advise charities and social enterprises on ethical and responsible investment. It will gather evidence on the number of charities with some form of ethical investment policy, and will produce practical advice and guidance for charities on setting an effective policy.

The Commission is chaired by Martin Clarke, Chair of UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association. » Continue reading news item ... “Working group to advise sector on responsible investment”

Follow up on Panorama’s ‘All in a good cause’

The BBC Panorama programme on charity investments, corporate sponsorship and management waste is still available to view at

NCVO gives ‘Reflections on Panorama and charities’ at, and Charity Finance Group has ‘Panorama – moral dilemmas for the charity sector‘.

Unfestive charity media coverage

Last Tuesday’s BBC Panorama programme (1oth December) looked at some sensitive charity subjects – management and fundraising costs at Amnesty International (largely old news), corporate sponsorship at Save the Children and investment decisions at Comic Relief.

It will be viewable online for a while (, but here are a few connected articles:

 » Continue reading news item ... “Unfestive charity media coverage”