Impact practice – user voice, small charities, media coverage

New from think-tank New Philanthropy Capital is ‘User voice: Putting people at the heart of impact practice‘. The report explains how charities can best harness the views and needs of their beneficiaries in order to improve their impact. It gives a step-by-step guide, and highlights organisations already adopting various ways of involving and empowering their beneficiaries.

Recognising small charity impact

Recognising the valuable contribution small charities make‘ is a blog from the chief executive of the Lloyds Bank Foundation. » Continue reading news item ... “Impact practice – user voice, small charities, media coverage”

Local help to support smaller charities demonstrate impact

New research commissioned by local voluntary sector body NAVCA highlights difficulties smaller charities have when using data to demonstrate their value. The research from Think:Learn:Do also looked at how local sector support organisations (infrastructure) can provide support for this.

Public commissioners of services may find the lack of evidence a disincentive to work with smaller charities, potentially overlooking sources of value for money and the best outcomes. » Continue reading news item ... “Local help to support smaller charities demonstrate impact”

More meaningful data, more impact

Sector think tank New Philanthropy Capital held a seminar in June about how charities can make their data more meaningful, as part of a series designed to give an introduction to impact measurement.

NPC has put together a briefing bring together the main themes discussed and the advice given, drawing on the questions and experiences of those who attended. It provides practical advice for charities on maximising their use of data and scarce resources, hopefully leading to maximising the work of their organisations. » Continue reading news item ... “More meaningful data, more impact”

Tool for smaller organisations on impact review

Two new versions of an online self-assessment tool to help with reviewing and improving your organisation’s impact practice have been created, for small organisations and for funders.

Measuring Up! is part of the Inspiring Impact programme managed by New Philanthropy Capital.

As reported by Civil Society News, ‘Measuring Up! Light’ is “a shorter version of the original tool for those of you whose organisations are small or perhaps a little stretched, but still want to give good impact practice a go”. » Continue reading news item ... “Tool for smaller organisations on impact review”

Volunteering in hospitals can make an impact

Two publications have come out of a ‘Helping in hospitals’ project run by innovation charity Nesta, working with ten hospitals to help them build significant impact volunteering programmes.

There is a final evaluation report ‘Measuring the impact of Helping in Hospitals‘ (download is 56 page pdf, 3.5MB) and also ‘Helping in Hospitals: A guide to high impact volunteering in hospitals‘ (download is 98 page pdf, 1.9MB).

Options in proportionate evaluation

New from sector consultancy NPC is a guide to “help you think through what proportionate and meaningful evaluation design looks like for your organisation”. And DSC has a short article on “assessing the impact of your volunteers”.

The guide draws on the literature on standards of evidence while arguing that standards only help to answer some, not all, of what an an organisation needs to consider. » Continue reading news item ... “Options in proportionate evaluation”