VAT on charity building hits hard

The complexities of VAT around charity work gets a hard illustration from a million pound bill handed to Caritas Anchor House. This is in connection with its construction of ‘move on’ flats, for previously homeless residents.

The charity says the unexpected cost is down to the new premises being reviewed by HM Revenue and Customs as a ‘residential and life skills centre’ rather than a ‘homeless hostel’. » Continue reading news item ... “VAT on charity building hits hard”

Faith and key issues in tackling homelessness

New from Faith Action, ‘What a Difference Faith Makes… to Homelessness’ builds on the experience of over 30 organisations across England delivering help and support for people who are homeless. It shows the dual role of faith-based organisations in homelessness – their meeting of a frontline practical support requirement and their advocacy to influence public and political debate.

Download (pdf, 4.5MB) via

Alliance to combat youth homelessness

Major private sector organisations as well as social care charities have come together to launch the End Youth Homelessness Alliance. The organisations include Centrepoint, Relate, the Prince’s Trust, Royal College of General Practitioners and Taylor Wimpey.

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