HMRC info on transparency reporting

NOTE: This is quite technical stuff, and most charities do not need to worry about it.

HM Revenue and Customs has produced guidance on additional reporting requirements for charities under the international Automatic Exchange of Information Common Reporting Standard. It came out in June, but a Bates Wells Braithwaite mention of further relevant material in the HMRC internal manual reminded us.

HMRC guidance for charities. » Continue reading news item ... “HMRC info on transparency reporting”

Updates on patron Gift Aid, transparency reporting

A couple of finance/regulatory updates of relevance to particular types of charities only.

Gift Aid – patron and supporter schemes

In auditors Sayer Vincent’s May newsletter, they report on a workshop in January when charitable London theatres and other arts organisations reached agreement with HM Revenue and Customs on guidelines for the design of Gift Aid compliant theatre patron/supporter schemes.The piece links to fuller coverage (pdf, 114KB), and a form. » Continue reading news item ... “Updates on patron Gift Aid, transparency reporting”