Draft of significant update to charity governance code

A draft for a new version of the Code of Good Governance has been published for consultation. Civil Society News says that this is a radical update. It proposes that trustee boards must consider mergers with other charities or winding their charity up, if other organisations are seen to be fulfilling similar charitable purposes more effectively.

NCVO’s news release also highlights new features and higher standards in the code. » Continue reading news item ... “Draft of significant update to charity governance code”

A Northern Ireland charity update

Three quite short items of interest to any charities operating in Northern Ireland, and a little for the Republic too.

Good Governance roadshow

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, in partnership with the Developing Governance Group, is running a series of seminars offering charities advice and information on the latest developments in charity regulation.

The series began in Belfast at NICVA on 3rd October, and a further seven take place around NI from 19th October to 1st December. » Continue reading news item ... “A Northern Ireland charity update”

Practical trustee guide on charity fundraising

New publication ‘Trustees and Fundraising: a practical handbook’ has been jointly produced by Institute of Fundraising, Charity Finance Group, ACEVO and NCVO. It “provides a one-stop shop for experienced and new trustees alike, to help a charity board pick its way through the complicated territory that is fundraising”.

From a quick browse, this does seem to be a well produced and useful resource for all trustees involved with charities that have any fundraising activity. » Continue reading news item ... “Practical trustee guide on charity fundraising”

Trustees Week majors on good leadership and effective chairing

This year’s Trustees Week is to focus on leadership development, it has been announced. The week runs from 7th to 13th November.

Organisations interested in taking part in Trustees Week can list trustee-matching, training and celebration events on the dedicated website.

Trustees Week is operated by a coalition of sector organisations, including Governance and Leadership magazine, a Civil Society Media publication which will be distributed at Trustees Week events. » Continue reading news item ... “Trustees Week majors on good leadership and effective chairing”

Think tank makes proposals on charity governance improvements

Sector think tank New Philanthropy Capital has produced suggestions on how charity governance can be improved, along with the impact of the sector as a whole.

The policy paper recommendations include:

  • Annual reporting by large charities to the Charity Commission (via the Statement of Recommended Practice) should focus on a charity’s impact as well as its financial standing.
  • The same annual reporting should include details on training and evaluation undertaken by the board to develop its own work and remain effective.
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Updated fundraising guidance emphasises effective oversight

The Charity Commission has released its revised guidance for charity boards on fundraising from the public – ‘Charity fundraising: a guide to trustee duties’ (CC20).

The Commission news release headline is “Trustees must ensure fundraising reflects their charity’s values”.

“The new guidance is part of the Commission’s response to some of the high profile problems identified about the fundraising practice by some charities and agencies they had employed over the past year.”

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