Details on the Fundraising Preference Service

Plans for the promised Fundraising Preference Service, being set up by the Fundraising Regulator, have been announced. It is due to be launched in spring/early summer 2017 and will

enable individuals to select charities that they no longer want to receive any communications from. 

The ‘reset button’ which had been originally expected has become an opt-out from particular charities specified by the individual, covering all charities and all forms of communication (email, text, telephone and addressed mail). » Continue reading news item ... “Details on the Fundraising Preference Service”

Scotland says no to Fundraising Preference Service

The new fundraising regulation regime in Scotland is not going to follow the route taken in England and Wales of promoting the use of the imminent Fundraising Preference Service, which will allow people to opt-out of contacts with fundraisers.

The Fundraising Regulator (for England and Wales) has expressed dismay at this decision, according to Third Force News. The Scottish Fundraising Implementation Group, set up to develop a set of standards for the industry in Scotland, is telling Scottish charities they shouldn’t feel they have to engage with the FPS. » Continue reading news item ... “Scotland says no to Fundraising Preference Service”

Fundraising Preference Service full proposals, plus regulator fees fixed

Plans for the Fundraising Preference Service have been published for consultation by the Fundraising Regulator, along with their final response to the Levy and Registration discussion paper and what they will be charging from September.

On the latter,

“small charities will pay less than originally proposed, with the costs covered by slightly higher fees for those charities spending more than £20 million on fundraising.”

The levy to fund the Regulator will apply from 1st September 2016. » Continue reading news item ... “Fundraising Preference Service full proposals, plus regulator fees fixed”

Imminent launch of Fundraising Regulator

The new Fundraising Regulator is due to launch in July, according to its head of policy.

As reported by Civil Society News, this means that it will then take over from the Fundraising Standards Board as the body that receives complaints, plus get the Code of Fundraising Practice from the Institute of Fundraising and the rule books on street and door-to-door fundraising from the Public Fundraising Association. » Continue reading news item ... “Imminent launch of Fundraising Regulator”

Proposed fundraising principles of donor contact

The chair of an NCVO working group which is developing recommendations on managing charity fundraising relationships, has published ten principles that should govern donor contacts.

As reported by Civil Society News, Mike Adamson, also chair of the British Red Cross, said “The key building block of our recommendations is the concept of ‘‘freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous consent’. Our aim is to ensure that such quality of consent is secured for all our fundraising communications.” » Continue reading news item ... “Proposed fundraising principles of donor contact”

Fundraising Regulator and Pref Service progress

The chair of the Fundraising Preference Service Working Group has written an article on NCVO’s web pages ‘The Fundraising Preference Service conversations: Food for thought‘. He provides an update on the progress in developing the ideas for the FPS, and the recurring themes that have been discussed.

The Fundraising Regulator has also just launched its website, logo and branding, as its gears up to being fully operational by early summer. » Continue reading news item ... “Fundraising Regulator and Pref Service progress”