Leaving the EU – more charity updates

A selection of items relating to the vote to leave the European Union, various sources and times. (Link to our initial news coverage).

NCVO has followed on from its initial briefing about the implications of Brexit for charities with ‘five things charities can consider doing in response‘.

BOND, the network for international development organisations, wrote ‘Brexit: what now for international development? » Continue reading news item ... “Leaving the EU – more charity updates”

Impact of referendum vote on the charity sector

The large amount of hot air around the EU referendum is likely to continue for some time, with the exact process and consequences of leaving after 40 plus years of regulatory developments not being easy or quick to clarify. It is however safe to assume that very little will change immediately around regulations of relevance to the voluntary sector. Funding connected with Europe, or hit by economic turmoil, may be a different matter. » Continue reading news item ... “Impact of referendum vote on the charity sector”

Government urges sector voice on referendum, but not elsewhere

As reported by Civil Society News, the government has indicated that it will exempt researchers and academics from the anti-advocacy clause in grant contracts, but not charities. See previous VoluntaryNews coverage on grant lobbying restrictions for background.

Separately, the civil society minister has urged charities to speak up in the EU referendum debate. Report in The Guardian, where NCVO’s director of policy pointed out that “his remarks set a notably different tone from that of the Charity Commission”, which had said that charities should only get involved in exceptional circumstances. » Continue reading news item ... “Government urges sector voice on referendum, but not elsewhere”

A charity discussion paper on the EU referendum

England’s umbrella body NCVO has published a short discussion paper looking at the implications for charities of Britain’s membership of the EU.

Rather than weigh up the pros and cons of EU membership, the paper seeks to provide a template for discussion for trustees and senior managers when considering the implications of the referendum.

NCVO article introducing the EU referendum discussion paper.

Commission guidance on EU referendum gets ‘helpful’ revision

The Charity Commission has provided “further clarity to EU referendum guidance” following strong sector criticism of its original version.

See VoluntaryNews previous article – ‘Charity Commission EU referendum “negative” guidance’ for background. Charity Commission news release or download the guidance (pdf, 165KB) direct.

Also read the Commission’s Director of Policy and Communications blog item on why the changes to the wording have been made – ‘Three questions answered on our EU Referendum Guidance‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Commission guidance on EU referendum gets ‘helpful’ revision”

EU referendum: Scottish charities advice, wildlife impact

The charity regulator north of the border has issued its own guidance for how Scottish charities can engage with the European Union referendum, with a somewhat more positive approach than its southerly neighbour.

“Reflecting the Regulator’s well-received guidance for charities during the Scottish independence referendum, the new guidance sets out for those running the country’s 24,000 charities what they must consider if they intend to campaign or make public statement in the run-up to the poll on 23 June.”

 » Continue reading news item ... “EU referendum: Scottish charities advice, wildlife impact”