A couple of useful guides on work relations

Workplace experts Acas have a couple of new guides of possible interest.

‘Sex discrimination: key points for the workplace’ aims to help employers and managers identify, tackle and prevent discrimination on basis of gender, covering the basics as defined within the Equality Act.

Acas news item includes a link to the guide or start at their advice web page.

Launched during National Apprenticeship Week recently, another guide is to help employers manage and support apprentices and young workers. » Continue reading news item ... “A couple of useful guides on work relations”

Employment rights guide in 17 languages

Trades union body TUC International has produced an employment rights resource guide in 17 languages to help inform people of their working rights in the UK.

See ‘Working in the UK – a guide to your rights‘.

The online guide was produced with financial support from the European Commission as part of the project ‘Developing information for migrant workers through transnational cooperation’.

Employment law and relations for 2016

Two expert bodies on employment matters have published their updates on workplace trends and employment law developments for 2016. Plus a voluntary sector piece on the Apprenticeship Levy.

Personnel professionals body CIPD has updated its factsheet on employment law developments in 2015 and 2016 (registration required to access). Many of the announcements made since the Conservative Government was elected in May 2015 will start to come into force in this year. » Continue reading news item ... “Employment law and relations for 2016”

Basics in preventing disability discrimination at work

Workplace relations experts Acas has produced a new guide to help prevent disability discrimination at work.

The guide, ‘Disability discrimination: key points for the workplace’, aims to help employers understand the basics around equality and disability discrimination and how to manage related issues.
Acas’ Head of Equality points out that

“Disability is a complex area of employment law that can encompass many conditions or situations that employers may not be aware of.

 » Continue reading news item ... “Basics in preventing disability discrimination at work”