Local early action for better results

Community Links and the New Economics Foundation have published a new briefing ‘Local early action: lessons from the UK’s first Early Action Commission’. This

“sets out a bold new model for thinking about how we can act earlier in different localities. It draws on learning from the UK’s first Early Action Commission, based in Southwark and Lambeth, and aims to share insights from how it worked in their area, and therefore how it might be approached elsewhere too.”

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Charity chief execs and Labour shadow focus on better public services

Charity chief executives body ACEVO has launched the findings from its Commission into Delivering Better Public Services.

The overall conclusion is that “the delivery of public services is too often misguided, monolithic and inappropriate”, and the report calls for a comprehensive redefinition of the relationship between government, charities and the public they both serve.

“The existing emphasis on meeting short-term targets frequently loses sight of the delivery of meaningful cost-effective public services to those most in need.”

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Proposals for early intervention, new social settlement

Two new reports with major proposals on public policy of particular sector interest:

Think tank the New Economics Foundation has set out proposals for a new social settlement in a major new report. While defending the best of Britain’s welfare state, it calls for urgent changes in the light of new risks: widening social and economic inequalities; accumulations of power by wealthy elites; and the imminent danger of catastrophic damage to the natural environment. » Continue reading news item ... “Proposals for early intervention, new social settlement”

Early action commission for Southwark

The new Southwark Early Action Commission, the first of its kind, will try to find practical ways of reducing needs and preventing harm through early action. Set up by Southwark Council and Clinical Commissioning Group through the local Health and Wellbeing Board, it is chaired by Margaret Hodge MP (also the chair of the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee).

New Economics Foundation has more.

Early action approach for an ageing society

The Early Action Taskforce, led by Community Links, has published ‘Looking Forward to Later Life’, which calls for an early action approach to tackle challenges of an ageing society. The report (pdf, 891KB) is available via http://www.community-links.org/earlyaction/looking-forward-to-later-life/.

A connected letter from major children’s and youth charities appeared in The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/may/15/visions-needed-ageing-society.