Improving donor control of communications

NCVO has published the recommendations of a working group on how to enable donors to give consent. The group was tasked with developing good practice recommendations on how charities should communicate with their donors for fundraising purposes, including how they manage and use donors’ personal data.

The news release leads with

New recommendations would mean charities would not call members of the public without clear permission.

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Progress on reforming small Gift Aid scheme

The Small Charitable Donations Bill, announced in the Queen’s Speech earlier this year, has now been laid before Parliament. It is expected to have its second reading debate on Tuesday 11th October.

As reported by Civil Society News, charity bodies have said they will be pushing the government to strengthen the measures to improve the working of the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme. » Continue reading news item ... “Progress on reforming small Gift Aid scheme”

Next steps for Gift Aid – small donations, intermediaries

HM Revenue and Customs has published (pdf, 212KB) a summary of responses to the recent consultation on simplification of the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS). This also includes the government’s views on the responses and the consequent next steps proposed.

The proposed action is to:

•    remove the two year rule and the Gift Aid history requirement.
•    include contactless payments.
•    amend the community buildings rules to allow donations received outside of the community building but within the same local authority area in which the community building is based. » Continue reading news item ... “Next steps for Gift Aid – small donations, intermediaries”

Proposed fundraising principles of donor contact

The chair of an NCVO working group which is developing recommendations on managing charity fundraising relationships, has published ten principles that should govern donor contacts.

As reported by Civil Society News, Mike Adamson, also chair of the British Red Cross, said “The key building block of our recommendations is the concept of ‘‘freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous consent’. Our aim is to ensure that such quality of consent is secured for all our fundraising communications.” » Continue reading news item ... “Proposed fundraising principles of donor contact”

No extra Gift Aid step required for online giving?

VoluntaryNews reported last week that HM Revenue and Customs has added a section on ‘Digital giving and social giving accounts’ to its Gift Aid guidance.

An HMRC official later announced the new material with an accompanying suggestion that in future there would be a  “pre-donation questionnaire” as an extra step for the online donor to complete – Civil Society News report. This idea was labelled by sector bodies as “completely ridiculous” and damaging to giving – further Civil Society coverage. » Continue reading news item ... “No extra Gift Aid step required for online giving?”

Clarifying Gift Aid on “family donations”

HM Revenue and Customs has responded to recent reports in the national media that they have been restricting Gift Aid on donations which are accompanied by a message of support from a donor’s family.

“HMRC’s position has always been that Gift Aid can be claimed when an individual donor, who pays tax in the UK, makes a donation, even if additional names are added in a supporting message.

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