Thinking about charities and devolution in England

A number of sector bodies recently held a ‘Devolution and Voluntary Sector Summit’, in this context meaning regional devolution in England.

Hosted by Charity Finance Group, Locality, Children England and NAVCA, the summit produced a “sector statement on devolution”. The CFG news item includes a link to the 2 page ‘Principles for devolution’ (pdf, 116KB), while their blog about the summit gives a snapshot of the issues debated and discussed. » Continue reading news item ... “Thinking about charities and devolution in England”

How much has the sector engaged with English devolution?

Sector bodies have teamed up to gain a better understanding of voluntary sector engagement in the devolution agenda across England.

NCVO, CFG, NAVCA, Locality and Regional Voices are running an online survey to discover the sector’s experience of engagement with devolution (proposals or implementation) to date. The survey takes the form of multiple choice questions which shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete.

“The survey’s brevity, however, belies the importance of the information gathered.

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New powers and new sector minister for Scotland’s government

New minister for Scottish voluntary sector

The new secretary for communities, social security and equalities in the Scottish Government is Angela Constance. Third Force News coverage on her appointment, and the rest of the new cabinet, points out that as well as being responsible for the third sector she will also be overseeing the large task of implementing the new welfare powers being devolved to Scotland. » Continue reading news item ... “New powers and new sector minister for Scotland’s government”

Overview on Scottish devolution powers

The Scottish Parliament has issued a new Guide to Devolution that they suggest may be useful to voluntary organisations and others. This provides a short history to date as well as an overview of the new powers under the Scotland Bill 2015-16. It also explains the position on welfare issues, with a graph on expenditure on welfare benefits after further devolution.

Download ‘Citizens’ Guide to Scottish Devolution’ by the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee, in pdf, 2MB. » Continue reading news item ... “Overview on Scottish devolution powers”

Sector principles for English devolution

Sector bodies with a local/community focus, Locality and NAVCA, have jointly produced a paper outlining a set of key principles which should underpin devolution in England.

The headline 5 principles are:

  • Creating a social economy.
  • Meaningful representation of the voluntary and community sector within new leadership structures.
  • Ensuring accountability through effective community engagement.
  • Decisions taken at the most local level appropriate.
  • Working with local organisations to support local commissioning and local delivery of public services.
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