Getting privacy notices right for data protection

New guidance on privacy notices, where organisations explain how they use personal data in accordance with data protection regulations, has been issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

ICO head of policy has written a blog on why it’s important to get privacy notices right, along with their “two-step approach”: ‘Transparency, innovation and building a culture of data confidence and trust‘. Or read Out-law’s news article ‘ICO backs ‘just-in-time’ consent and greater control for consumers in new privacy notices code‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Getting privacy notices right for data protection”

More meaningful data, more impact

Sector think tank New Philanthropy Capital held a seminar in June about how charities can make their data more meaningful, as part of a series designed to give an introduction to impact measurement.

NPC has put together a briefing bring together the main themes discussed and the advice given, drawing on the questions and experiences of those who attended. It provides practical advice for charities on maximising their use of data and scarce resources, hopefully leading to maximising the work of their organisations. » Continue reading news item ... “More meaningful data, more impact”

Blogs on NI charity reporting, data protection

A couple of new blog platforms/articles of interest around charity admin and management.

Impact of new data protection rules

On Scotland’s Third Force News, a partner at MacRoberts LLP has already written an overview of the new general data protection regulation (GDPR) and the potential impact it may have on the third sector – ‘Brexit doesn’t mean charities can forget about data protection‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Blogs on NI charity reporting, data protection”

Survey on data use in the sector

Charities and social enterprises are being invited to take part in research into their use of data. This will help in developing a framework for understanding how social sector organisations use data to make decisions and how they can get better at it.

“This Data Evolution survey is about how the social sector is adapting in its use of data.  We want to hear from you if you’re connected to a charity or social enterprise in England or Wales. 

 » Continue reading news item ... “Survey on data use in the sector”

Preparing charities for data protection reform

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in the EU on 24th May. However, member states have until 25th May 2018 to apply it.

Charity solicitors Bates Wells Braithwaite have an overview of the new European Data Protection law, covering ‘What are the main changes charities need to be aware of?’ and ‘What should charities be doing now?’.

The Information Commissioner’s Office Data Protection Reform web pages are also worth consulting – the separate website seems to be offline at present. » Continue reading news item ... “Preparing charities for data protection reform”

American nonprofits can report effectiveness via data site

Major information site for US nonprofits GuideStar is adding a new way for organisations to report quantifiable data in support of their program achievements.

GuideStar Platinum has been developed as a way to provide non-financial data to demonstrate effectiveness and tackle the ‘overhead myth’. Nonprofit Quarterly’s article says that the Platinum features can be used without charge by organisations, and may be accessed by any visitor to the GuideStar website. » Continue reading news item ... “American nonprofits can report effectiveness via data site”