Making the most of crowdfunding for good causes

A new report by innovation charity Nesta, in partnership with NCVO, explores opportunities and challenges in crowdfunding for good causes, and how more charities and community groups can be supported to make the most of this.

‘Crowdfunding good causes’ is based on interviews with UK crowdfunding platforms and a survey of more than 450 charities, community groups and social entrepreneurs.

The publication page includes recommendations, plus key findings such as

  • Crowdfunding makes up less than 0.5 per cent of giving in the UK, but has significant potential to fund projects with a social purpose.
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Tips for charity crowdfunding success

A new guide, sponsored by JustGiving and the Institute of Fundraising, gives key tips and tricks for crowdfunding success. Produced by Social Misfits Media, it breaks down the lifecycle of a crowdfunding campaign into three stages: Pre-Campaign, Live Campaign, and Post-Campaign.

Institute of Fundraising has a news item with a little more detail, or download ‘Make It Rain: Tips & Tricks for #Crowdfunding Success‘ direct (pdf, 1.9MB). » Continue reading news item ... “Tips for charity crowdfunding success”

Mixed bag of charity reading

Some quick links to a variety of online reading of possible interest: creating a communications strategy, grassroots giving circles, green space management.

A charity content freelancer gives her take on ‘How to write a charity communications strategy‘.

openDemocracy has an article addressing the question ‘Could giving circles rebuild philanthropy from the bottom up?‘. Intro: Grassroots giving could provide a healthier way of funding social change, but it also has its limitations. » Continue reading news item ... “Mixed bag of charity reading”

Understanding crowdfunding for charities and community groups

Crowdfunding for charities, social enterprises and community groups is being researched by innovation charity Nesta along with sector body NCVO. They want to understand the key opportunities and challenges faced by such organisations who want to use crowdfunding to raise funds.

A short survey has been launched to explore awareness, perception and usage of crowdfunding. Nesta and NCVO are

” interested in hearing from organisations of all sizes from across the UK; and regardless of whether or not they’ve heard of or used crowdfunding before.”

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Fundraising platform expands to UK

A fundraising platform which started in Portugal a year ago has expanded to the UK. The eSolidar website has a number of sections: Charity shops, Social e-marketplace, and Auctions for Good. Both individuals and charities can sell items online to raise charitable funds.

The auction aspect has been particularly popular with in Portugal with good engagement by celebrities. Charities are charged 5 per cent when items are sold, 10% on auctions, with a special offer for those signing up by the end of the year. » Continue reading news item ... “Fundraising platform expands to UK”

Intro to crowdfunding and social investment

Sector thinktank NPC has a new briefing paper ‘New funding sources: An introduction for trustees‘, following its seminar on the subject. This does what it says, covering crowdfunding and social investment.

In addition, there is a short article ‘Should all charities be riding the crowdfunding wave?‘, which highlights a few of the insights the event offered on crowdfunding. Could crowdfunding give your charity’s income a bit of a boost, particularly if you’re looking to move your eggs into a number of baskets?