Partnership working in mental health

New from Compact Voice is ‘Transforming mental health services in Leeds through partnership working‘.

Leeds’ Rehabilitation and Recovery mental health service has been designed and delivered through a partnership between Leeds’ NHS Mental Health Trust and three voluntary sector mental health organisations. Partner organisation workers helped service users moving from stepped intensity residential care to rehabilitation in the community.

Sharing solutions to social and environmental issues

A new online platform invites change agents “working on solutions to the hard problems of the 21st century … to collaborate with your peers, learn what’s working, innovate, and adapt”. The Resilience Exchange being developed by Sphaera has backing from the Rockefeller Foundation, Oxfam America and the Skoll Foundation, amongst others.

The peer-to-peer approach will collate the knowledge of funders and practitioners working to solve social and environmental issues around the world. » Continue reading news item ... “Sharing solutions to social and environmental issues”

Working with Police and Crime Commissioners

Two new publications on the links between Police and Crime Commissioners and local organisations.

The government has produced ‘Police and crime commissioners and civil society’ to share best practice to develop further collaboration. It provides examples of positive working relationships between PCCs and civil society groups. Available at

Compact Voice, in partnership with Clinks, has issued a ‘Practical guide to engaging with Police and Crime Commissioners’. » Continue reading news item ... “Working with Police and Crime Commissioners”

Top tips on charity collaboration

Two separate charity lawyers have come up with their top tips to consider when collaborating with other organisations.

For ACEVO, the charity chief executives body, there are 12 short tips at, from one of their corporate partners.

Directory of Social Change has five slightly longer tips, at, from Bates Wells Braithwaite.

From a quick look, they seemed to fit together OK.

Toolkit for partnership working

Compact Voice has produced a revamped version of its ‘Local Compact: A User Guide’. The Partnership Working Toolkit contains an array of practical, straightforward information for those wishing to improve or strengthen local cross-sector partnerships in England (not just in implementing a local Compact agreement).

Compact Voice news item or direct to the toolkit.

Lessons from sector consortia providing public services

Five examples of sector collaboration in Norfolk, Gateshead, Knowsley, Leicestershire and the London Borough of Sutton have informed a new report produced by ACEVO, the body for charity chief executives, in partnership with the Local Government Association. Consortia of local charities and social enterprises were commissioned by local government for health, social care and children’s services, and demonstrated that they can be cost-effective and transform the quality of service citizens receive. » Continue reading news item ... “Lessons from sector consortia providing public services”