Scotland review of business rates, including charity reliefs

The Scottish Government has set up a review of business rates in Scotland, to see how it could be improved to encourage long term investment and growth.

As SCVO says in its article, rate relief is very important for the third sector and this review will cover all non-domestic rates in Scotland, which includes charity rate relief. SCVO is encouraging voluntary organisations to respond, particularly those that benefit from the relief – read the SCVO piece for more background. » Continue reading news item ... “Scotland review of business rates, including charity reliefs”

Top charity tax claim errors to avoid

The most common errors made by charities in dealing with tax matters have been catalogued by HM Revenue and Customs, and published by the Charity Tax Group.

Civil Society News reports that a top error is with organisations changing personnel or appointing new employees, without changing their details or letting HMRC know. Also high is “claiming excessive Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS)” income.

Charity Tax Group article containing HMRC feedback, which also includes top queries from charities and some statistics. » Continue reading news item ... “Top charity tax claim errors to avoid”

OSCR briefing on Scottish water charge exemption

Scottish charity regulator OSCR has produced a briefing note setting out the answers to some common questions about the Water Charges and Sewerage Exemption scheme.

The scheme, introduced last year by the Scottish Government, is to assist charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs with the payment of water and sewerage charges. Organisations now need to reapply every year via their water company to continue to benefit. » Continue reading news item ... “OSCR briefing on Scottish water charge exemption”

New website for charity tax info and campaigns

The Charity Tax Group, which works to improve understanding and secure a fair deal for charities on tax matters, has launched a new website.

A new online guide, the successor to Charity Tax Map, aims to provide

  • a detailed explanation of the taxes that charities have to pay and any relevant tax reliefs.
  • a study of the cost and impact of taxation on the sector.
 » Continue reading news item ... “New website for charity tax info and campaigns”

Scottish water charge exemption update

Many of Scotland’s village halls, community buildings and sports clubs have been exempt from water charges, but as of this April the Water Charges and Sewerage Exemption scheme will require charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs to apply for an exemption every year.

SCVO has a useful article for any organisation unsure of their status, although those registered as exempt should have received information from their licensed provider explaining the changes. » Continue reading news item ... “Scottish water charge exemption update”

Charities and Budget 2016

This year’s Budget had few measures of specific interest to the voluntary sector, but there was a smattering.

Also see ‘Further sector analysis of Budget 2016‘.

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