Varying fortunes in sector pay

Charity chief executives body ACEVO has published the results of this year’s CEO pay survey, covering the period to March 2014.

Headline findings include:

  • Average CEO pay in the sample fell from £60,000 to £55,000, a real-term decrease of 5.9%.
  • Median CEO pay was highest in London (at £68,000) and lowest in Wales (£37,849).
  • The gender pay gap fell slightly, with median female pay 16.3% lower than median male pay as against 18.6% last year.
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Pay levels in Northern Ireland

Following the recent media coverage of pay levels in the charity sector in Northern Ireland, umbrella body NICVA has brought together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. These include the current regulatory position as well as tables of senior pay levels.

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Tackling the tricky task of pay levels

On The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network, ‘A guide to setting salary and wage levels for charity employees‘ gives a short outline of key issues and where to begin. The article header also links through to other sector pay related (opinion) pieces.

While on the topic of pay levels, New Philanthropy Capital has an article responding to NCVO’s report on senior pay in the sector (covered here previously). » Continue reading news item ... “Tackling the tricky task of pay levels”

Transparency for senior charity pay

NCVO has published the report of an inquiry into senior executive pay in the sector, which it set up last year. The umbrella body is pushing charities to publish full details of such pay, in order to maintain public trust. They suggest that this information should be “no more than two clicks” away from a website home page. NCVO press release.

Civil Society Media leads with the recommendation that charities with an income above half a million pounds should consider publishing remuneration ratios between their highest and median salaries, » Continue reading news item ... “Transparency for senior charity pay”

Setting charity chief exec pay

Charity chief executives body ACEVO launched its guide to CEO pay levels just before Christmas. There is an article on The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network pages explaining “the five steps necessary for setting a charity chief executive’s pay”, while ACEVO’s own news item is at

‘The Good Pay Guide for Charities and Social Enterprises’ can be downloaded in pdf, 336KB, from

Examining chief executive pay levels

Charity chief executive pay was the subject of an evidence session of the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee last Tuesday (17th December).

No official write up available at time of writing, but check Civil Society Media coverage is at

And Third Sector Research Centre has produced ‘Analysis: High pay in charities‘.