Commission guidance on EU referendum gets ‘helpful’ revision

The Charity Commission has provided “further clarity to EU referendum guidance” following strong sector criticism of its original version.

See VoluntaryNews previous article – ‘Charity Commission EU referendum “negative” guidance’ for background. Charity Commission news release or download the guidance (pdf, 165KB) direct.

Also read the Commission’s Director of Policy and Communications blog item on why the changes to the wording have been made – ‘Three questions answered on our EU Referendum Guidance‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Commission guidance on EU referendum gets ‘helpful’ revision”

Changes urged on law restricting charity campaigning

Lord Hodgson’s review of the Lobbying Act has produced “a package of recommendations proposes tightening some rules and relaxing others”, according to the government minister releasing the report. The written statement, released on 17th March, goes on to say

“We will now carefully consider the package of proposals. Some involve changes to the existing regulatory regime, some changes to primary legislation and some are recommendations to the Electoral Commission.”

 » Continue reading news item ... “Changes urged on law restricting charity campaigning”

Public happy with charities in political process

The majority of the public (57%) is comfortable with charities engaging in the political process, according to new research from nfpSynergy.

The survey of a thousand adults was carried out before the government announced it would insert an anti-lobbying clause into all grant agreements – as reported in Third Force News.

Only 6 per cent of public respondents would be “put off from giving to a particular charity” because of its campaigning to change a law. » Continue reading news item ... “Public happy with charities in political process”

EU referendum: Scottish charities advice, wildlife impact

The charity regulator north of the border has issued its own guidance for how Scottish charities can engage with the European Union referendum, with a somewhat more positive approach than its southerly neighbour.

“Reflecting the Regulator’s well-received guidance for charities during the Scottish independence referendum, the new guidance sets out for those running the country’s 24,000 charities what they must consider if they intend to campaign or make public statement in the run-up to the poll on 23 June.”

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Charity Commission EU referendum “negative” guidance

New regulatory guidance from the Charity Commission around charity engagement with the EU referendum is proving controversial.

The official news item says:

Political activity can be a legitimate activity for charities and some may want to engage with the referendum. However, the guidance sets out the threshold necessary to justify any charitable activity on this specific issue.

Unusually the guidance itself appears to be only available as a pdf, 133KB (3 pages): ‘The European Union Referendum – the Charity Commission’s regulatory guidance for charities‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Charity Commission EU referendum “negative” guidance”