Contemplating the benefits of charity app building

If your charity is contemplating creating an app to run on mobile devices, a short article ‘So you want to build an app…‘ is worth a read before you jump on the bandwagon.

The piece from NPC uses the example of ‘mHealth’ apps, which can engage hard to reach patient groups, but where experts have raised concerns about the effectiveness and benefits.

The two key questions:

1) Is an app really the right approach for your charity and its beneficiaries? » Continue reading news item ... “Contemplating the benefits of charity app building”

Some reading around fundraising

A few recent fundraising articles of interest.

On the Management Centre’s MC Thinking Blog, ‘10 ways to increase donations through your website‘ – simple things you can do to improve your website, using learning from the field of Behavioural Economics.

The value of data in fundraising is scrutinised, based on the findings of a survey that asked 100 charities about the way they collect, Social Misfits Media analyse and use data to inform their fundraising strategies. » Continue reading news item ... “Some reading around fundraising”

Volunteer innovation in charity apps

On The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network ‘Charity apps are supporting people and helping to find new volunteers’ – the summary says “From helping blind people via video link to alerting first aiders, innovation is making it easier than ever to volunteer.”

It leads with the example of the Be My Eyes app (for Apple devices) which connects blind users with sighted volunteers who communicate via video link to provide the help needed. » Continue reading news item ... “Volunteer innovation in charity apps”

Charity use of mobile apps

As Idealware says in a Facebook item “For many smaller nonprofits looking to use mobile devices for service delivery, apps tend to be out of reach”. But it can still be useful to check out what larger organisations are doing.

NonProfit Tech for Good has a new article ‘6 Clever Mobile Apps Created by Nonprofits‘. All the apps were launched in 2014 and “clearly demonstrate that nonprofits are evolving in their approach to mobile apps”. » Continue reading news item ... “Charity use of mobile apps”