Mental well-being connects with volunteering

Let’s not forget that volunteering benefits all ages‘ is an article on NCVO’s discussion pages that has as its starting point a new study from the University of Southampton, which found that volunteering has a relationship with people’s well-being but only in later life.

One observation is that

“the researchers have found a relationship between volunteering and wellbeing, rather than causation.”

The article includes a link to the study on the Open BMJ site, ‘Association of volunteering with mental well-being: a lifecourse analysis of a national population-based longitudinal study in the UK’.

Care home volunteering project reports in

Volunteers brought into a care home can have a profound positive impact on residents’ wellbeing, according to new analysis of a three year pilot project run by NCVO. However, the research undertaken by the Institute for Volunteering Research, also found that pressures, including a lack of staff time, meant that many care homes struggled with volunteer management.

Other key findings are in this NCVO article, which has links to the Care Homes project and a new toolkit for volunteer management in care homes, based on learning from the project sites.

Changing patterns of giving and volunteering

Sector consultancy nfpSynergy has put together some stats in ‘Facts and Figures – Baby Boomers, Charities, and an Ageing Population’.

“Ageing baby boomers entering retirement have always represented a huge potential for the charity sector not only as donors, but also as volunteers, with many living longer, healthier lives. Worryingly, however, a significant funding chasm is emerging between baby boomers and the preceding generation, who tend both to give more and volunteer in larger numbers.”

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Voluntary sector research round-up

A round-up of recent published research undertaken about or for the voluntary sector – on ageing, rural ethnic communities, community hospital support, costs of the living wage, refugee destitution, charity data and offenders. From Third Sector Research Centre, Voluntary Sector Studies Network, NPC.

During August, the article ‘Ageing, place and voluntarism: towards a geographical perspective on third sector organisations and volunteers in ageing communities’ from July 2014’s issue of Voluntary Sector Review is available for download, at no cost. » Continue reading news item ... “Voluntary sector research round-up”

Don’t overlook issues on older volunteers

On NCVO’s slightly redesigned web pages, ‘Older volunteers, resilience and why we shouldn’t be complacent‘.

The lead-in says “Older volunteers don’t seem to be affected by economic austerity as much as we might think – but as changes to pension and retirement age come into effect, it’s no time to be complacent about this highly active group of individuals.” The article partly draws on a recent event which explored volunteering by older people in relation to economic austerity.

A ‘web portal’ for older people in N Ireland

POP NI is a new ‘Community Guide for Seniors Online in Northern Ireland’, at

The website gathers information and news that could be of direct relevance to older people in the north of Ireland, their families and those who work with them. Main menu sections include Your rights, Money matters, and Get help. Organisations and individuals can also upload information such as group meetings and events.