Extending Scottish sign language service to third sector

A project which allows deaf people across Scotland to contact public sector services is being extended into the third sector (“community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, social enterprises, co-operatives and individual volunteers”).

Launched a year ago and funded by the Scottish Government, contactSCOTLAND uses online video relay interpreting to enable Deaf BSL users to have increased access to public services in Scotland.

See official news release for more background, or the BSL executive summary. » Continue reading news item ... “Extending Scottish sign language service to third sector”

Websites going to grey

Your editor is disappointed to see various sector websites following trends to using ‘low-contrast text’ – typically with grey or off-grey backgrounds. Readers who are revamping online communications may wish to read this recent article from user experience experts Nielsen Norman Group ‘Low-Contrast Text Is Not the Answer‘.

Emails with low contrast features typically get deleted unread at VoluntaryNews (editorial eyesight has never been good). » Continue reading news item ... “Websites going to grey”

Volunteers Week round-up

Our round-up of items published in connection with Volunteers Week, which runs 1st to 7th June.

From NCVO’s discussion pages:

How many of you know where the European Capital of Volunteering is this year? Or perhaps more to the point, how many of you knew there was such a thing as a European Capital of Volunteering.

Bringing Volunteering Home‘ suggests a serious challenge to get this title bestowed on the UK for a future year. » Continue reading news item ... “Volunteers Week round-up”

Web Accessibility and VoluntaryNews

A recent article ‘Keyboard-Only Navigation for Improved Accessibility’ was a timely reminder to check some overlooked issues with the VoluntaryNews website redesign, for when mouse (or touch) use isn’t an option. This led to a few tweaks, such as a separate search page to compensate for tabbing through the screen missing the search icon, and a version of the main navigation menu in the footer. » Continue reading news item ... “Web Accessibility and VoluntaryNews”

Accessibility guidelines for mobile

The BBC has been working to produce ‘Draft Mobile Accessibility Standards and Guidelines’ for use within the organisation, but which will be of wider interest.

An article at http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/internet/posts/Accessibility-Mobile-Apps gives some of the differences to standard desktop web issue and also invites feedback. The draft itself is at http://www.bbc.co.uk/guidelines/futuremedia/accessibility/mobile_access.shtml.

(Source: E-Access Bulletin)