How to access web links in retired newsletter

Please note: this page shows if you have clicked a link from any issue of the VolResource/VoluntaryNews newsletter, or a newsletter item reproduced elsewhere. The newsletter has been retired and the software switched off, as at January 2017.

You can still access the news content

  • ‘Copy and paste’ the link into your web browser address field to get to the full VoluntaryNews item. Note: in some web browsers, you may get the hidden newsletter software link code rather than the visible link – is there a way of copying ‘plain text’? – if not do the following.
  • For the odd item without a link, search or browse this site to find the original piece. Expired events will have disappeared, however!

Alternative info sources

A special mailing – sent out 12th January – has suggestions for other information sources. The full URLs were included so you can copy and paste the link, rather than click, as above.

Here are links for a sample of the new newsletter from Community Matters Yorkshire and their sign-up form.

Thanks for reading.