Charity Trustees & The Law

The regulatory environment for charities is ever changing, both in terms of pure charity law, but also in tax law, at international level, and with rules on financial accountability. Recent investigations by the Charity Commission reveal the main problem areas where regulatory action may arise.

This course will assist you to understand what you can and cannot do, understand the opportunities that social investment and impact investing give, handle conflicts of interest, review your own Trustee boards and governance and know what the Charity Commission is looking for.

  • What are the 3 biggest legal risks that UK charities face?
  • How do you handle financial and non-financial conflicts?
  • What opportunities are there for using social investment and other forms of investment in my charity?

This course is aimed at trustees and their advisors and senior management.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Trustees and Charity law: how do I know what I must do? Apart from the Charities Act 2011, what are the key rules that matter?
  • Trustees and regulators: who should I fear more, The Charity Commission, HMRC, or the Information Commission?
  • Trustees and crime: what do I need to know?
  • Never mind the ps and qs, do I know my objects from my powers? Trustees and the ultra vires rule
  • Different kinds of Trustee: which am I?
  • Trustees and Chief Executives: what are the rules of engagement?
  • Trustees, money, the Treasurer and the Audit Committee: what do Trustees have responsibility for?
  • Trustees and Codes: which external Codes matter? From fundraising to Governance
  • What insurances do we have to buy? The circle of responsibility
  • Is my trading subsidiary being run properly?
  • When am I liable? Trustees and insolvency law

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Non Members: £480


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Charity Trustees & The Law

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