Volunteers can make a difference in end of life care

An evaluation into the ‘End of Life Social Action Fund’ has been published by the government. This looks at how effective social action befriending services across 11 sites were at improving quality of life for adults in the last year of life.

The research into the first trial of such a volunteer service was undertaken by Lancaster University’s International Observatory on End of Life Care and the Institute for Volunteering Research. » Continue reading news item ... “Volunteers can make a difference in end of life care”

Lords committee on charities helps research on their role

A voluntary sector researcher has read through a large pile of written submissions to the House of Lords Select Committee on Charities so you don’t have to! Specifically the 86 submissions which answered the question “What is the role and purpose of charities in civic society in England and Wales?”.

Read ‘Identity crisis: defining voluntary action‘ on Ellie Munro’s Voluntary Action and Other Animals blog. » Continue reading news item ... “Lords committee on charities helps research on their role”

Local help to support smaller charities demonstrate impact

New research commissioned by local voluntary sector body NAVCA highlights difficulties smaller charities have when using data to demonstrate their value. The research from Think:Learn:Do also looked at how local sector support organisations (infrastructure) can provide support for this.

Public commissioners of services may find the lack of evidence a disincentive to work with smaller charities, potentially overlooking sources of value for money and the best outcomes. » Continue reading news item ... “Local help to support smaller charities demonstrate impact”

Growth in community-run businesses

An assessment of the community business sector in England found that it grew faster than charities and small businesses last year.

Research institute Power to Change commissioned Social Finance this summer to follow up on earlier reports ‘What if we ran it ourselves?’ and ‘The State of the Community Business Market’.

Some stats as reported by Civil Society News on the number of such businesses and growth since 2015:

  • Around 300 local libraries (20 per cent growth).
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A December date to celebrate local charities

The first Local Charities Day, already trailed by minister for civil society Rob Wilson, is now set to take place on 16th December.

The minister announced the date at an event run by Civil Society News – see their coverage (the speech is on the government’s website, titled ‘Local charity day: Rob Wilson speech‘).

“Local Charities Day will put small, local charities and community groups into the spotlight, helping them thrive and demonstrate the great work they do in their areas.”

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Labour shadow voluntary sector minister appointed

The gap in the Labour Party’s shadow cabinet covering the civil society brief has new been filled, by Steve Reed, Labour and Co-operative MP for Croydon North.

Civil Society News on the announcement, or see their interview titled ‘The government has attempted to undermine the sector’. A sample extract:

“You can’t have it both ways, you can’t have the state withdrawing and expecting the voluntary sector to step in when you are slashing your resources at the same time.”

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