Moving on the VoluntaryNews facilities

It is nine months after the VolResource newsletter ended and publishing our own news items ceased on this site, although direct news and events contributions have continued. Time to move on with VoluntaryNews facilities.

The direct news submission form will be switched off (done), along with the events form (done), during September. Existing registered users will still be able to add events until later in the year – the events listing section should be removed by the end of December (done). » Continue reading news item ... “Moving on the VoluntaryNews facilities”

Final VolResource newsletter

The final edition of the VolResource newsletter has been sent out.


A special mailing for all subscribers has also gone out (12th January 2017), giving details of possible replacement publications you might like to sign up for, and other alternative sources. Community Matters Yorkshire has started a Voluntary Updates newsletter, twice a month, to fill the gap. The first issue can be seen here. » Continue reading news item ... “Final VolResource newsletter”

Good and bad news on charity advocacy and campaigning

The government’s Cabinet Office has come up with a replacement to the ‘anti-advocacy’ clause for grant agreements which was proposed earlier this year.

These standards will be adopted by all departments to make sure that taxpayers’ money, awarded through government grants, is properly agreed and spent.

Official news release.

NCVO’s response leads with “charities have welcomed substantial changes to the government’s planned anti-lobbying clause”

The new grant standards unveiled today take a substantially more sophisticated approach than the original clause, and explicitly safeguard the important role of charities and others in presenting evidence to government and parliamentarians.

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Proposals on future licences for community radio

Regulator Ofcom has started a consultation on ‘Community Radio: future licensing and technical policy’.

After more than a decade issuing of Ofcom issuing licences, there are now nearly 250 community radio stations in the UK.

Ofcom is coming to the end of its third round of community radio licensing and would like to offer more licences where suitable spectrum is available.  We propose to run a fourth round, which will be shorter and more focused than previous rounds, and this consultation seeks views on our preferred licensing approach for this forthcoming round.

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Improving donor control of communications

NCVO has published the recommendations of a working group on how to enable donors to give consent. The group was tasked with developing good practice recommendations on how charities should communicate with their donors for fundraising purposes, including how they manage and use donors’ personal data.

The news release leads with

New recommendations would mean charities would not call members of the public without clear permission.

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Using audio to tell the charity story

The charity communications body CharityComms has a new article ‘The podcast comeback: three charities tapping into the trend‘.

The three organisations featured appear to be relatively large, and it would be interesting to hear about those with more limited resources making a good shout of it. A quick read and a longer listen may give some useful tips, though.

Further Note

Our CharityBlog quick round-up of sector podcasts is undoubtedly dated, but there may still be useful links here. » Continue reading news item ... “Using audio to tell the charity story”