Trust in charities surveyed around the UK

The Charity Commission (England and Wales) has published its latest research into trust and confidence in charities. This finds a fall to the lowest recorded level since monitoring began in 2005.

The report attributes the fall to

“critical media coverage of charity practices, distrust about how charities spend donations, and a lack of knowledge among the public about where their donations go. Perceptions of aggressive fundraising tactics have also contributed to the decline in trust.”

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Reviewing sector support in Wales

Third Sector Support Wales – WCVA and the County Voluntary Councils – has begun a strategic review which will set a new vision and priorities for third sector support services in Wales. While the focus is on setting a new common strategic framework for their network of organisations, they want the exercise to be useful to the wider third sector too.

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New Welsh ministerial line-up

Welsh umbrella body WCVA has published a briefing on the results of the recent Welsh Assembly elections, identifying the Assembly Members having interests and expertise that may be of relevance to the sector. In pdf, 247KB via WCVA web page, which also has links through to analysis of the party manifestos.

Official news item listing the new Welsh government ministerial line-up. Clarification on whether the third sector brief is with Communities and Children secretary Carl Sergeant shortly. » Continue reading news item ... “New Welsh ministerial line-up”

Charity Commission meeting in mid-Wales

The Charity Commission (England and Wales) is holding its next public meeting in mid-Wales, at Llandrindod Wells on 7th June.

Trustees, charities and charity advisers are invited to attend. The meeting will focus on how charities can improve their financial resilience. Sessions will include:

  • managing your finances – 15 key questions to ask
  • improving the way your charity works
  • digitisation of the commission

The sessions will be followed by a group discussion on current issues facing trustees, in which trustees can share real-life problems and potential solutions. » Continue reading news item ... “Charity Commission meeting in mid-Wales”

Thumbs up for Scottish regulator, concerns south of the border

Tenth birthday celebrations for Scottish regulator

Scotland’s charity regulator has just celebrated its tenth birthday, with the Scottish public seeing it as playing an essential and important role in society. Regulator OSCR also enjoys high trust and support from the organisations it oversees.

As reported in Third Force News, or see OSCR’s own celebratory piece for some facts and figures, reflections on its impact and its future. » Continue reading news item ... “Thumbs up for Scottish regulator, concerns south of the border”

Updates on new online charity registration services

The Charity Commission (England and Wales) has now stated that any online applications to register that have been started using its old system need to be completed and submitted before 14th July.

As covered earlier this month, a revised online registration service for new charities was recently launched in ‘public beta’. This now appears to be the default process.

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