WCVA has a new strategic framework

The sector body Wales Council for Voluntary Action has recently gone through a period of change, seeing a new Board, Chief Executive and Strategic Management Team in place. With the added uncertainty within the wider Welsh and international contexts, a Strategic Review was undertaken to refresh ways of working and goals.

See WCVA’s news item on the launch of its new Framework, setting out its vision, mission and values, or direct to Strategic Framework page (the attached document is a single page pdf, 137KB).

Shaping a strong Welsh third sector for society

Welsh umbrella body WCVA has published two reports which show that a strong third sector in Wales has a vital role to play in securing a positive future for our society. However, action is needed now to prevent the sector becoming weaker and more fragmented.

Research for the reports explored what global trends might mean for Wales and its third sector. It revealed an increasingly uncertain and complex future, including through globalisation, climate change, fast-changing technology, demographic changes and new relationships between citizens, community groups and public services. » Continue reading news item ... “Shaping a strong Welsh third sector for society”

Fundraising regulator wants board member for Wales

The Fundraising Regulator is recruiting a board member to represent Wales.

“The Fundraising Regulator is a voluntary regulatory organisation with approximately 20 permanent staff and a budget of £2 – 2.5 million per year, acquired through a levy on those charitable organisations which have a high expenditure on fundraising activities. It is responsible for self-regulating all types of charitable fundraising and has a universal remit to investigate and adjudicate against all charitable organisations which fundraise, regardless of whether an organisation is registered with it.

 » Continue reading news item ... “Fundraising regulator wants board member for Wales”

Quick review of youth work policy in Wales

A Welsh Assembly committee is running a “snapshot inquiry” reviewing the effectiveness of Welsh Government’s strategy and policy in respect of youth work.

As reported by CYP Now, the committee is looking for views on four key areas:

The first is “young people’s access to youth work services” with a view to understanding what levels of provision and regional variations there are, and any issues relating to access for specific groups of young people.

 » Continue reading news item ... “Quick review of youth work policy in Wales”

New sector stats for Wales and Northern Ireland

Sizing up the sector in N Ireland

Northern Ireland’s umbrella body NICVA has launched its latest State of the Sector research in a new online format. This provides information on the “size, scope and finances of the Northern Ireland Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector”.

NICVA news article for more on what is new and key findings, or go direct to State of the Sector site. » Continue reading news item ... “New sector stats for Wales and Northern Ireland”

Wales as a volunteering nation

Welsh sector body WCVA has published its latest research into volunteering in Wales, and finds that over two thirds of adults give their time to help others.

Based on two omnibus household surveys of adults in Wales carried out in March 2014 and March 2015 by Beaufort Research for WCVA, the results show big differences between the counties of Wales. Interestingly, Welsh speakers were significantly more likely to volunteer than non-Welsh speakers – 44.6% compared to 34.1%. » Continue reading news item ... “Wales as a volunteering nation”