A December date to celebrate local charities

The first Local Charities Day, already trailed by minister for civil society Rob Wilson, is now set to take place on 16th December.

The minister announced the date at an event run by Civil Society News – see their coverage (the speech is on the government’s website, titled ‘Local charity day: Rob Wilson speech‘).

“Local Charities Day will put small, local charities and community groups into the spotlight, helping them thrive and demonstrate the great work they do in their areas.”

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Swapping shoes to understand government workings

This year’s opportunity for staff from government and voluntary organisations to step into each other’s shoes for a day and learn about how the other sector operates is open for applications.

As well as improving cross-sector understanding, the programme helps participants find out about the roles and responsibilities of staff within another organisation, and the operational environments and wider contexts in which they work.

The scheme is run by England’s umbrella body NCVO – find out more and how to apply (by 16th October) here: ‘A Day in the Life’ work shadow scheme 2016/17. » Continue reading news item ... “Swapping shoes to understand government workings”

Thinking about charities and devolution in England

A number of sector bodies recently held a ‘Devolution and Voluntary Sector Summit’, in this context meaning regional devolution in England.

Hosted by Charity Finance Group, Locality, Children England and NAVCA, the summit produced a “sector statement on devolution”. The CFG news item includes a link to the 2 page ‘Principles for devolution’ (pdf, 116KB), while their blog about the summit gives a snapshot of the issues debated and discussed. » Continue reading news item ... “Thinking about charities and devolution in England”

How much has the sector engaged with English devolution?

Sector bodies have teamed up to gain a better understanding of voluntary sector engagement in the devolution agenda across England.

NCVO, CFG, NAVCA, Locality and Regional Voices are running an online survey to discover the sector’s experience of engagement with devolution (proposals or implementation) to date. The survey takes the form of multiple choice questions which shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete.

“The survey’s brevity, however, belies the importance of the information gathered.

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Sector bodies creating charity communication tools

A good place for Scottish charities

Scottish voluntary sector body SCVO has created a new website as “a space where good causes and the public can come together, share and learn from each other”.

The Good HQ platform is in its beta, pre-launch, phase and feedback on how it works is encouraged. It aims to enables people to:

  • share your passion for the causes you care about.
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Trust in charities surveyed around the UK

The Charity Commission (England and Wales) has published its latest research into trust and confidence in charities. This finds a fall to the lowest recorded level since monitoring began in 2005.

The report attributes the fall to

“critical media coverage of charity practices, distrust about how charities spend donations, and a lack of knowledge among the public about where their donations go. Perceptions of aggressive fundraising tactics have also contributed to the decline in trust.”

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