Impact practice – user voice, small charities, media coverage

New from think-tank New Philanthropy Capital is ‘User voice: Putting people at the heart of impact practice‘. The report explains how charities can best harness the views and needs of their beneficiaries in order to improve their impact. It gives a step-by-step guide, and highlights organisations already adopting various ways of involving and empowering their beneficiaries.

Recognising small charity impact

Recognising the valuable contribution small charities make‘ is a blog from the chief executive of the Lloyds Bank Foundation. » Continue reading news item ... “Impact practice – user voice, small charities, media coverage”

Draft of significant update to charity governance code

A draft for a new version of the Code of Good Governance has been published for consultation. Civil Society News says that this is a radical update. It proposes that trustee boards must consider mergers with other charities or winding their charity up, if other organisations are seen to be fulfilling similar charitable purposes more effectively.

NCVO’s news release also highlights new features and higher standards in the code. » Continue reading news item ... “Draft of significant update to charity governance code”

Rounding up info on sector impact of leaving EU

Northern Ireland’s sector body NICVA has created a web page to “collate relevant articles, statements, and questions relating to the process of the UK leaving the European Union”. The hub will seek to provide information and updates on the many unanswered questions around important EU issues such as rights, environmental protections, employment law and sector funding.

Most of the links on there so far have a Northern Ireland focus, but still worth those elsewhere in the UK keeping an eye out on NICVA’s web page. » Continue reading news item ... “Rounding up info on sector impact of leaving EU”

Leaving the EU – more charity updates

A selection of items relating to the vote to leave the European Union, various sources and times. (Link to our initial news coverage).

NCVO has followed on from its initial briefing about the implications of Brexit for charities with ‘five things charities can consider doing in response‘.

BOND, the network for international development organisations, wrote ‘Brexit: what now for international development? » Continue reading news item ... “Leaving the EU – more charity updates”

Data portal on Irish charities in beta

A preview of a new online service about Irish Civil Society has been launched. Aiming to make Irish nonprofits more accessible and more transparent to the public, Benefacts repurposes data that is already in the public domain to create a giant database.

VoluntaryNews’ favourite Irish sector expert at Whitebarn Consulting gives her take on the process and progress, and whether it is a positive development, in ‘Benefacts: beneficial‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Data portal on Irish charities in beta”

Social impact, social mentoring, social benefit

Recent articles on the new international Nonprofit portal include some with a clear UK base, but others have a wider focus.

Mentoring and social entrepreneurship

The coordinator of SESAME, a European project on mentoring and social entrepreneurship, shares some of the lessons learned.

The SESAME project (Social Enterprise by Synergy and the Added value of youth Mentoring in Europe) is a strategic alliance between six countries, the Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. » Continue reading news item ... “Social impact, social mentoring, social benefit”