Digital skills and participation resources

The Digital Participation team at Scotland’s umbrella body SCVO has made a commitment to update its resource information more often, around helping people acquire the basic digital skills to get things done online.

There will be a fortnightly blog and more frequent site updates, including links back to the existing resources library. Of course, some details, such as funding sources and local projects, will have a Scottish focus, but others will be of wider voluntary sector relevance. » Continue reading news item ... “Digital skills and participation resources”

Contemplating the benefits of charity app building

If your charity is contemplating creating an app to run on mobile devices, a short article ‘So you want to build an app…‘ is worth a read before you jump on the bandwagon.

The piece from NPC uses the example of ‘mHealth’ apps, which can engage hard to reach patient groups, but where experts have raised concerns about the effectiveness and benefits.

The two key questions:

1) Is an app really the right approach for your charity and its beneficiaries? » Continue reading news item ... “Contemplating the benefits of charity app building”

Current online extortion risk flagged up by Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has issued a new online risk alert based on recent reports to the UK’s national fraud reporting centre, Action Fraud.

“Trustees, charity professionals and volunteers should continue to be aware of online extortion or ‘ransom’ demands affecting UK businesses. Charities could also be vulnerable to attack and so are encouraged to be vigilant. This advice is particularly relevant for those charities which operate overseas and/or deal with international partners in high risk zones.”

 » Continue reading news item ... “Current online extortion risk flagged up by Charity Commission”

Some reading around fundraising

A few recent fundraising articles of interest.

On the Management Centre’s MC Thinking Blog, ‘10 ways to increase donations through your website‘ – simple things you can do to improve your website, using learning from the field of Behavioural Economics.

The value of data in fundraising is scrutinised, based on the findings of a survey that asked 100 charities about the way they collect, Social Misfits Media analyse and use data to inform their fundraising strategies. » Continue reading news item ... “Some reading around fundraising”

Data portal on Irish charities in beta

A preview of a new online service about Irish Civil Society has been launched. Aiming to make Irish nonprofits more accessible and more transparent to the public, Benefacts repurposes data that is already in the public domain to create a giant database.

VoluntaryNews’ favourite Irish sector expert at Whitebarn Consulting gives her take on the process and progress, and whether it is a positive development, in ‘Benefacts: beneficial‘. » Continue reading news item ... “Data portal on Irish charities in beta”

Sector toolkit to help with digital skills development

Sector umbrella body NCVO has been running its own digital skills programme, the Learning Lab, since June 2015. They’ve learnt a lot along the way and have now produced a toolkit on the KnowHow NonProfit website, Building a digital workforce.

This is a four part toolkit of templates, resources, tips and examples (plus a series of bespoke workshops, training and support) to “help you plan, design and deliver a comprehensive digital skills development programme for your organisation”. » Continue reading news item ... “Sector toolkit to help with digital skills development”