Quick review of youth work policy in Wales

A Welsh Assembly committee is running a “snapshot inquiry” reviewing the effectiveness of Welsh Government’s strategy and policy in respect of youth work.

As reported by CYP Now, the committee is looking for views on four key areas:

The first is “young people’s access to youth work services” with a view to understanding what levels of provision and regional variations there are, and any issues relating to access for specific groups of young people.

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App to include youngsters with special needs

A Disability App for Leaders, already available for Apple’s iOS and now for Android devices too, has been produced by the Boys’ Brigade in Northern Ireland.

The app provides quick, basic information for youth leaders on 25 different disabilities that affect children and young people. Its not just for BB leaders, and is for anyone working with young people, giving accessible information and guidance to include boys who may display a disability or a particular special need. » Continue reading news item ... “App to include youngsters with special needs”

Youth services in The Mix

The youth organisation formed by the merger of charities YouthNet and Get Connected has launched its new brand, The Mix.

The Mix will offer a range of support services for under-25s, with a focus on mental wellbeing and creating opportunities through volunteering. The branding will be fully rolled out by the summer, with an aim to reach over 2 million young people by 2018, a quarter of the UK’s population of 16-25 year olds. » Continue reading news item ... “Youth services in The Mix”

The value of youth work in Scotland

A study into youth work in Scotland has calculated that it  is worth £656 million to the Scottish economy. With a current spend of approximately £90m on local authority and voluntary sector youth work, that gives a return of £7 for every £1 of public cash spent.

Perhaps more significantly, youth work was found to make a significant difference to the lives of 1 in 10 adults. » Continue reading news item ... “The value of youth work in Scotland”

Youth social action stats and opportunities

The annual Youth Social Action survey, conducted by Ipsos MORI for Step Up to Serve, shows a small rise in meaningful social action carried out by 10- to 20-year-olds in the UK.

Scotland’s Third Force News point out that youngsters north of the border “do more for their community than others” – although it is only a small difference, 44% as against 42. Children and Young People Now highlights that involvement varies depending on a range of factors, for instance those from poorer families less likely to take part. » Continue reading news item ... “Youth social action stats and opportunities”

Childrens charities new duties in Scotland for 2016

With new duties due to come into force for Scottish organisations in August 2016, under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act, a checklist to help prepare has been produced.

As reported by Third Force News, the Third Sector Touchpoint guides explain the new duties and responsibilities that will be introduced, for organisations delivering primary prevention services to children, young people and families.

The guides detail how to assess the wellbeing of a child as well as identifying and recording any concerns, as well as best practice for communicating and sharing of information with the new named person service.

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